Monday, April 3, 2006

Why Sony dosen't get it.

Well, by this June I will have had my PSP for one year, and how may games have I bought for it?

Two. That's right, two games.

The reason for this, Sony's hostile actions against homebrew and emulators. Since the launch of the PSP they have updated the firmware multiple times, and to induce people to update they require it in order to play newer games.

If you do update, you lose the ability to run homebrew games, so what have many people choose to do? Not buy games, wow what a great idea! It was only last week when I decided to buy my third PSP game "Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max" so that I could bet the add on d-pad to that I could play emulators better. I figured that I was getting the game as a bonus, but no you need to update to firmware 2.55! Thanks Sony but no thanks Sony! I will not be buying anymore games from you.

This s why Sony will not be selling games in the future.

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