Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yay thanks for following that 301 google!

Thank google for following that 301 redirect from the old classicgaming Web site to its new location at!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Moving Original NESp site off IGN hosting

I found out today that IGN is terminating its site hosting as of August 2009. The NESp project site ( has been hosted on classicgaming 2001 back in the gamespy days. If you have any bookmarks or links please update them as this redirect will most likely stop in August. I hope by that time google updates its links too.

New Location:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Super Magic Drive Floppy Drive in a NES

My friend spoonman has a Super Magic Drive that he picked up on ebay. The Super Magic Drive is a game copier that will dump ROMs to a floppy drive or a PC connected via a parallel port. The one he got did not include the floppy drive so he asked me to make an adapter to connect a standard PC floppy to the Super Magic Drive. I put it in a NES case and used a blue LED to make it awesome.

I used the following information he had gotten from a forum years ago. I cannot credit the source:

Any PC 3.5 inch FDD
5V 1A power supply

Making the cable
FFE D-sub 25 pin ------------FDD 34pin

1, 18-25-----------------------ALL ODD pin (GND)
2-------------------------------8 (Index)
7-9----------------------------No Connection
11-----------------------------16(MOTOR ON 1)
14-----------------------------No Connection