Thursday, March 30, 2006

Easy Fix for the GP2X D-pad

If you own a GP2X, you know how bad the D-pad on it is. I have come up with a quick cheap and easy fix for it.

Things you will need

How to install on you GP2X

  1. Remove original stick by pulling it off.
  2. Cut a piece of the plastic so that it completely and tightly fills the rectangle shaped hole in the PSP analog stick replacement.
  3. Insert onto PSP analog stick replacement.
  4. Drill a small 1/16 inch hole directly in the center of the piece of plastic you inserted on the the stick. You may need to make the hole slightly larger, which you can do by wiggling the drill around in the hole, just be careful not to make too big.
  5. Push the new stick on the D-pad stem of the GP2X.

There mission accomplished!

Well maybe not exactly, you might need to make the stem of the PSP stick slightly smaller if your hole is a little off center, as I did. I just took it off and squeezed ever so slightly it with a pair of pliers and put it back on. I checked the stick in the Setting, T-mode, of the GP2X menu. If all directions work then you are all set.

Not bad for $4.99? huh?

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